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Sport-Wheels VW Golf 6 R

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010:

Sport-Wheels VW Golf 6 R

Here is the latest project from the Hurth-based tuning specialist Sport-Wheels on the VW Golf 6 R. At first, it sounds like the modified Volkswagen Golf would only receive a new wheel package, but actually there is much more. On the exterior, the powerful new ride was fixed up with a sporty themed graphic foil for added protection from CoverEFX. The rims you see pictured are 20-inch OZ Ultraleggera HLT alloys wrapped in high performance tires. The Golfs suspension setup consists of lower springs with an adjustable high-grade steel thread chassis by KW.

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RevoZport Volkswagen Golf VI GTI RZR

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010:


A new styling kit for the Volkswagen Golf VI GTI has been released by RevoZport, called the RZR package. It should be available around February 2010 from the company who specialize in producing carbon fiber and special composite material products. Several other cars that RevoZport customizes include BMW, Lotus, Ferrari, and Mercedes. The latest tuning kit for the VW Golf VI GTI includes a new front bumper with LED lights, front splitter, vented bonnet, side skirts, fender flares, rear bumper, and a spoiler extending from the roof.

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RDX Racedesign VW Golf VI

Monday, July 20th, 2009:


The latest Volkswagen aerodynamic tuning kit for the VW Golf VI has been launched by RDX Racedesign, and the new package really customizes the Volkswagen. Only a few parts were needed to transform the VW Golf VI, and the kit includes a new front spoiler, headlight masks, side skirts, rear skirt, and a roof spoiler. RDX Racedesign offers a two year warranty for the aero kit, and the first 50 customers receive the package at a discounted price of 579 euros. All pieces of the kit are made from ABS and PU, and have been approved by the German Technical Control Board (TUV). Get yours today before they raise the price and modify your Volkswagen Golf VI.

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JMS VW Scirocco

Thursday, July 16th, 2009:


The unique VW Scirocco has been modified by car tuning, and Volkswagen specialists JMS. They were able to customize this Volkswagen Scirocco with several exterior improvements to give it a stellar look. The first addition to the Scirocco is an aftermarket coil over kit from H&R that lowers the front 55 mm, rear 45 mm, and costs 1,069 Euros. This suspension setup not only improves the sports car look, however it enhances the handling and driving dynamics as well. Factory VW Scirocco wheels were traded out with larger 19×8.5 rims in the front, 19×9.5 in the rear, with tires measuring 225/35/R19, and 255/30/R19 respectively. Aiming for the unique and perfect sounding sports car, JMS installed a stainless steel muffler from Eisenmann Exhaust Systems, which also improves the performance numbers.

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HS Motorsport VW Scirocco Remis

Sunday, June 28th, 2009:


Volkswagen tuner HS Motorsport revealed their latest work the VW Scirocco Remis at this years Worthersee tour. Their company which is based out of Munich, started by working on the 2.0 liter TSI engine to produce extra power. From the factory the VW Scirocco comes with 200 hp, so HS Motorsport installed several aftermarket parts. They started off with a new air intake and exhaust system, then added a 70 mm flame pipe, and an EU-approved catalytic converter. These modifications along with some tuning to the ECU produced 290 hp for the VW Scirocco Remis, however HS didn’t stop there. HS Motorsport promises final performance numbers to be around 320 hp after some extra tuning and parts are added.

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Worthersee 2008: VW Golf GTI

Friday, May 23rd, 2008:

Worthersee 2008: VW Golf GTI

Volkswagen hasn’t revealed the technical details for this car that was named Golf GTI Performance. The exterior tuning kit, lowered suspension, Lambo doors, and rims tell us that this car was not modified in Germany. The guys from Volkswagen modified this car for design studies and we probably won’t see these design features on one of their new cars. This VW concept was revealed at the Worthersee Tour, the tuning show from Austria that started on the 21st of May and will end in the 25th. The color looks lovely and this Golf GTI Performance should be a great racing car. They surely gave a lot of ideas to the tuning companies that try to modify Volkswagen Golf cars. Read More →

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