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Markuzzi Exclusive Alfa MiTo

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010:

Alfa MiTo Tuning

Markuzzi Exclusive brings us their latest build with the Alfa MiTo 1.4TB series. Previously we featured the Markuzzi redesigned Reventon style Lamborghini Gallardo, and have now received the tuning news of the upgraded Alfa Romeo MiTo. From the factory the car holds 155 hp, but after a power increase from the tuners it now boasts a few upgraded parts and performance gains. Under the hood Markuzzi Exclusive hooked it up with a new air filter, catback sport exhaust system, and optimized the ECU software to push the horsepower to 199. After the engine tuning, they installed an adjustable suspension and added SPort 18-inch aluminum wheels wrapped in high performance tires. Alfa MiTo owners now have an additional tuning source for their unique automobiles thanks to Markuzzi. Hit the jump to view more photos.

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Markuzzi Exclusive Lamborghini Gallardo

Monday, March 22nd, 2010:

Markuzzi Exclusive Lamborghini Gallardo

Today we received the latest car tuning news from the guys at Markuzzi Exclusive about their all new Lamborghini Gallardo styling kit. Previously, the tuners shocked the industry with the stunning Mercedes wide body kit, and now have taken on a more expensive project with the Lamborghini. Pictured here is a 2005 Lamborghini Gallardo that has been boosted from the stock 500 hp rating to output 560 hp after a Markuzzi Production increase. The all new body kit is a definite head turner with a redesigned front apron, carbon fiber front splitter, rear apron, side skirts, and a carbon fiber rear diffuser.

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Markuzzi Mercedes C350

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010:


Markuzzi has modified this Mercedes C350 in Germany calling it the Mercedes C350 ME 35 GT edition with the wide body kit you see pictured. Germany is by far, home to the majority of car tuning companies located around the world, and have surely turned heads with this project. Based out of Staffelstein, Munchen, Markuzzi has impressed tuning enthusiasts with a custom made widebody kit adding an aggressive look to this Mercedes supercar. Included in the package are the redesigned front and rear bumpers, fenders, side skirts, and rear spoiler.

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