RS Tuning Renault Megane RS

Britain car specialists RS Tuning have released this new Stage 2 kit for the Renault Megane RS 250. It’s an impressive package, consisting of a new high-flow intercooler from Forge Motorsport, stainless-steel exhaust unit from Milltek, and the option of a cat bypass pipe or sport catalytic converters. Additonally, an ECU remap brings out the full potential. After the tuning, the Renault Megane RS now produces 320 PS and 488 newton meters of torque.

Elia Renault Wind

Europe’s answer to SEMA in the states is the Essen Motor Show, and on display later this week will be the Renault Wind by the tuning company Elia. Full details on this cute girl car are limited, however it will come with either a 1.2-liter turbo engine or 1.6-liter variant producing 100 and 133 horsepower, respectively. The performance package from Elia will likely consist of an upgraded suspension kit and new ECU unit delivering an extra 16 hp and 28 Nm of torque. Aftermarket styling parts for the Wind tuning project came next.

M Tuning Renault Megane

The original car is a Renault Megane 2.0 16S from 1998 and the modifications made to this car cost around $28,000. The guys from M Tuning tried to make this car more powerful by installing a special engine tuning kit with a new exhaust system that boosts the car’s power. The new 17″ Racer Wheels are equipped with wide tires that give additional stability to the car and with high performance brakes from Raineurs that are painted in the same color as the car, this Renault has great handling. As exterior modifications they created a special body kit by mixing different parts from other cars: the front bumper is from M-Tuning Eclipse, rear bumper from M-Tuning Modena, the car’s hood is just like one from a F50 and they also installed a Shogun Evo spoiler.

Ocean Twingo GTRS II

Ocean Twingo GTRS II

Renault Twingo is perfect car for you if you’re living in small cities. I have to say that i don’t like it’s design at all when i see a stock Renault Twingo and i won’t buy a car like that probably. Ocean Evenement tried to modify this small, cute car, to be sportier, nicer, with a completely different look. This new Twingo has received a new body kit that brings the car closer to the ground and makes it look more aggressive. Also, those 18″ rims add a stylish touch to this car and i have to say that paint job was brilliant.