SpeedFactory Dodge Challenger SRT8

The tuning experts at SpeedFactory perfected their version of the new Dodge Challenger SRT8 with an output of over 600 HP, not including a supercharger. With a normal Challenger puting out around 425 Hp, SpeedFactory’s tuning package boosts power by nearly 175hp. To accomplish all this, they took the cars standard 6.1-liter Hemi, bored it to 7.0-liters, and then added a stainless steel exhaust from Corsa and custom Comp. Hydraulic cam with an 85mm throttle body and CNC stock manifold were installed next.

Irmscher Dodge Journey SR

Irmscher has launched a special edition of the Dodge Journey Crossover in Germany to give the family car a complete makeover. The Journey SR is the product, and it receives a sporty look for the so called SUV, but it really still holds minivan features. It’s a family van that has been taken under the wing of the German tuning firm Irmscher, along with the cooperation of Dodge. The modifications are all cosmetic, so there are no performance gains for the stock 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine producing 140 horsepower. Included in the styling kit is a new front apron, roof spoiler, chrome tail pipes, and tinted rear windows.

World’s Fastest Dodge Challenger

Rarely do you get to see a street legal car run a single digit quarter mile time, but here is currently the world’s fastest Dodge Challenger. Built by the guys at MR NORMS GARAGE, the world famous tuners pushed the limits with this Challenger project. It was put together on the 2009 SRT8 Dodge Challenger platform, and this race car features too many upgrades to even list, but I’ll give you the run down of the basic improvements. From the factory the Challenger holds the 6.1-liter HEMI V8 engine, which received a ton of modifications to reach the numbers it now produces.

Dodge Challenger Furious Fuchsia

Dodge has unveiled the Furious Fuchsia special edition 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T Classic and Challenger SRT8 for their 40th Anniversary of the legendary model. Not too sure how ‘furious’ pink is, but the all new Dodge Challenger packs a powerful HEMI V8 with an unmistakable design and world-class handling. Dodge avoided tuning the engine and stuck with the most significant highlight of the car, the exterior shade of Furious Fuchsia Pearl Coat with Pearl White leather seats. The limited edition Challenger rides on large 20-inch polished aluminum rims wrapped in all-season high performance tires to complete the wheel package.

Detroit Auto Show Dodge Viper SRT10

Here we have the 1:33 ACR limited edition Dodge Viper that has been on display at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show. What exactly does the 1:33 stand for? Well back in November, Chris Winkler was able to race the Viper ACR around the Laguna Seca track in just 1:33.944. It’s the fastest time ever accomplished by a production car, and only 33 of Dodge Vipers have been built since. Now what really makes this car unique is the 600 horsepower under the hood, and able to run from 0-202 mph 14 seconds faster than the 2009 model. Thus proving the Dodge Viper SRT10 V10 engine is not something to mess around with.

Hurst Performance Dodge Challenger SRT8

Mopar and HEMI car fans around the world will love this all new Competition Plus Dodge Challenger SRT8 model tuned by Hurst Performance. Even though the Dodge Challenger SRT8 falls in the heavy weight division as far as vehicle weight goes, this is the newest package of the Challenger Series one through five, and it meets all expectations. The package is priced at $18,495 and starts out with a Hurst shift kit, pearl white shift knob, plaque of authenticity, K&N high flow air filter, Magnaflow stainless steel performance exhaust, and an adjustable Eibach suspension kit. Performance numbers have yet been released from the car tuning and engine tuning modifications, but we’re expecting at least 572 hp and 528 lb-ft of torque from the Hurst Performance Dodge Challenger SRT8 since the series 4 was able to produce those numbers.

SMS 570X Dodge Challenger

Even though it was announced in May last year, the SMS 570X Dodge Challenger has been unveiled over the last weekend. This Challenger has a SMS Red Butterfly induction hood, improved drivetrain, suspension, aerodynamics, new tires, wheels and interior. The car is based on the R/T platform and it’s equipped with a 5.7L Hemi engine with supercharger that delivers more than 700 HP. It’s price starts at $70,000 but customers could also choose the SMS 570 which is a bit slower for $60,000. These new models will start to be produced at the end of this month and each ride will be signed by Steve Saleen as a part of the Signature Series and will have unique badges and graphics.

GeigerCars.de Dodge Viper

GeigerCars.de is another great tuning company from Germany. The company is well known for modifying American Cars and their latest project is a Dodge Viper. They created a special performance kit for this car’s engine made from efficient water jackets, new cylinder heads, large valves, new sparks, a large oil pump and a high performance oil induction system for the engine. This performance kit will add 100 HP to this Viper’s engine. The guys from GeigerCars.de also modified the car’s clutch and they installed high performance wide tires with 19″ wheels. The car will accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds and it could reach a maximum speed of 325 km/h.