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SR Auto Acura TL on PUR Wheels

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012:

With black being the new white these days, the tuners at SR Auto decided to hook up this Acura TL with some new glossy black PUR wheels. Typically when tuning enthusiasts go for the all black look, they want something unique. The Acura TL is the perfect sedan for those who want edgy styling yet decent performance. For this project, all the chrome and silver parts of the exterior were blacked out to give it a much more aggressive appearance. Final modifications to the Acura TL consist of H&R lowering spring to drop the car on the new 20-inch PUR 4OUR Depths rims wrapped in high performance tires.

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SR Auto Group Ferrari FF With PUR Wheels

Thursday, July 12th, 2012:

The all new Ferrari FF has been hooked up by SR Auto Group with a new set of PUR wheels. This supercar is for the car enthusiast seeking all-wheel-drive to go along with the V12 powerplant producing 660 horses. It uses an innovative 2-speed gearbox from the Ferrari 4RM AWD system to transfer all that power. SR Auto Group is calling this the Project Vindicatior which is basically a new set of PUR 1NE monoblock rims installed on the Ferrari FF.

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