Heico Sportiv Volvo XC60

Heico Sportiv is one of the best car tuners when it comes to modify vehicles produced by the Swedish automaker Volvo and their design department just released a full tuning kit for the Volvo XC60. The compact crossover received a new front spoiler and rear valance made from polyurethane plastic (PUR)  which has extreme loading capacity due to its very high impact resistance and tensile strength. The rear bumper accommodates a new four pipe exhaust and customers could also get a dual pipe exhaust system that could be used in conjunction with the series production rear bumper. Under the hood, the German-based tuner has succeeded in making the sound of the diesel versions 2.4D and D5 more sporty and thrilling. After a couple of tweaks at the car’s engine this Volvo XC60 has around 315 HP under the hood ready to take this vehicle to high speeds.