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Tommy Kaira Nissan GT-R Official

Thursday, January 14th, 2010:

Nissan GTR

Previously Tommy Kaira announced their initial renderings of the new aero kit for the highly sought after Nissan GT-R. Now we have the official pictures of the body kit set to display at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The new kit is called ‘Wet Carbon’ from Tommy Kaira, and features several new body pieces. A new front bumper with lip spoiler, side skirts, air ducts all around, rear bumper, trunk spoiler, rear racing diffuser, and fender flares for the rear give the Nissan GT-R a fantastic look. Surely this will become one of the most popular body kits for the GTR, and many will try to duplicate the quality work by Tommy Kaira.

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Tommy Kaira Nissan GT-R

Monday, December 7th, 2009:


Tommy Kaira, the Japanese tuning firm is creating a new aerodynamic body kit for the Nissan GT-R with exceptional style. Previously they announced their plans to make a new tuning kit for the Nissan Godzilla, and now we have pictures of the work. Tommy Kaira plans to unveil the new GT-R at the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon that will be held January 15-17. Included in the kit is a new front bumper, front lip spoiler, side skirts, extended rear fenders, rear diffuser, and a rear wing. All parts will be made entirely of carbon fiber to ensure the highest performance quality, and they will even add an upgraded suspension to the kit.

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Tommy Kaira Toyota Prius

Thursday, October 8th, 2009:


Japanese car tuning specialists Tommy Kaira have created a modified version of the third-generation Toyota Prius, which is one of the top selling hybrids. All of the customizations are cosmetic because the tuning company didn’t want to hinder fuel economy, since that is the reason people buy the Prius in the first place. The front end received a completely redesigned look with the addition of a front lip spoiler and air intake vents. Lowering the ride height of the Toyota Prius is an aftermarket suspension kit to add to the new sporty look. It also received new larger wheels and tires because the wheels on most hybrid models are pathetic.

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