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Switzer R1KX Nissan GT-R Red Katana Runs 8’s

Saturday, September 1st, 2012:

A quick update here from Switzer tuning, the Nissan GT-R R1KXRed Katana” has just ran its best quarter mile in 8.97 seconds at 163 miles per hour. They tested the car at Norwalk, Ohio’s Summit Motorsports Park and this is an unbelievable record for a car that can still be a daily driver. Switzer has proved that the godzilla Nissan GTR is one of the most impressive vehicles of the 21st century.

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Switzer Performance Nissan GTR P600 PKG

Sunday, August 12th, 2012:

A few new goodies have been released by Switzer Performance for their Nissan GTR line of tuning kits. This one is specifically called the P600 PKG, and offers a minor boost from the factory 545 HP to now 600 horsepower. The increase comes from new high flow air filters, a SS90 high performance exhaust and ECU software tuning. Even though this power increase is modest, the Nissan GTR still benefits from the kit with a 0 to 62 mph acceleration time of only 2.6 seconds.

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Switzer Ultimate Street Edition Nissan GT-R

Friday, June 29th, 2012:

The all new Ultimate Street Edition for the Nissan GT-R has been released by Switzer Performance. This package is for the daily driver who wants the power when needed, but still have the smooth feel of a stock GTR. They have tuning programs for the R35 GT-R consisting of 700, 800, 900 and even 1,200 horsepower packages like the R1KX. However, this Ultimate Street Edition offers the best of both worlds. It has 1,000+ horses, yet won’t overheat in traffic, require frequent maintenance, nor need special race gas to run smoothly.

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Switzer Audi R8

Monday, January 18th, 2010:

Audi R8

Here we have some new products available for the Audi R8 from the tuning company Switzer Performance. The new packages enhance the performance figures for both the V8 and V10 versions; each individually priced. For the 4.2-liter V8 Audi R8, the guys at Switzer were able to increase the output to 440 hp with some simple ECU tuning. The tuning costs $1,995 and is compatible with the stock components, such as the intake and exhaust. For those with the more powerful engine, Switzer Performance offers several parts to gain some impressive numbers.

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Switzer Performance P800 997 Twin Turbo

Friday, August 7th, 2009:


American based car tuning company Switzer Performance has modified the Porsche 911 GT2 turbo to output 800 horsepower and receives the name P800 997 Twin Turbo. Even though the stock numbers are plenty at 480 hp and 457 ft-lbs of torque, Tim Switzer decided it was not enough and extensively customized the Porsche 911 GT2 or 977 turbo. Now, how do you accomplish 800 AWD horsepower out of a Porsche, you add not one, but two GT30 turbochargers, monster intercoolers, electronic boost control, fancy headers, custom exhaust, and a carbon clutch package. The new performance numbers allow the Switzer Performance P800 997 Twin Turbo to accomplish 0-60 mph in less than three seconds, and the quarter mile time is just barely over 10 seconds. Pricing has not yet been released, but you can be assured that no one will mistake you for a Mustang with this beast.

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