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Porsche Panamera based off Nissan 350Z

Saturday, January 15th, 2011:

Check out this Porsche Panamera look-a-like with a custom front face, side, and rear, but based off a Nissan 350Z Roadster. This car was featured at the Tokyo Auto Salon, and reported from the guys at carscoop. At first many assume it is a Porsche Boxster with an extreme body kit and Porsche Panamera front, however when you look closer you will see similarities to the Nissan 350Z.  The interior of this car is what really draws the most attention, looking like it just snowed inside with everything white. See the video after the jump.

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Unichip Nissan 350Z plug and play tuned

Saturday, May 1st, 2010:

Nissan 350Z

Here is the new U-Connect plug and play ECU tuning upgrade from Unichip for the popular Nissan 350Z. Providing the perfect engine management solution for this sports car, since the 350Z cannot be remapped using OBD flash programming. This custom tuned Uni-Q piggy back EGU features several improvements to get the most out of the Nissan engine. So how does it work? The plug and play unit intercepts the factory sensor signals found on the Nissan 350Z, allowing the fuel and ignition to be remapped to a higher control and performance.

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Senner Tuning Nissan 350Z Roadster Thunder

Friday, July 24th, 2009:


Senner Tuning brings us the highly modified Nissan 350Z Roadster Thunder today, with a new package that improves looks and performance. The Nissan 350Z is powered by the same 3.5-liter V6 engine which outputs 338 hp over the stock 301 hp. For the performance increases, Senner Tuning optimized the ECU, added a new exhaust system, and a carbon airbox. On the exterior are a variety of interesting additions, including Lambo doors from LSD which I doubt add much value since Lambo doors seem to be a mod of the past. A new front grille, front fender, and rear spoiler with an integrated brake light are included as well. The Nissan 350Z Roadster Thunder by Senner Tuning also rides on 20 inch chrome polished wheels wrapped in Continental tires.

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Nissan 350z with Super GT Style wide body kit

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008:

Nissan 350z with Super GT Style wide body kit

Since there are a lot of clients with 350z Nissans there’s always a challenge for car tuners to make up something new, to ensure each client that his car is unique. I’ve just seen a new wide body kit for Nissan 350Z that will soon be available for Nissan 370Z too. The new body kit tries to improve the car’s overall look and make it more aggressive, faster and nicer to those who look at it. This new body kit was created by the guys from Charge Speed and as it looks, they’ll surely get a lot of customers really soon. This new Super GT style wide body is made with a lot of glass fiber elements and you’ll make from your small Nissan a super race car. Read More →

Nissan 350z Terminator

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008:

This Nissan from 2004 was modified by Craig Lieberman‘s company and until present, it has made it to the covers of SPC & HCI magazine and it appeared in 2 commercials. It has a VeilSide Version 3 body kit, 19″ HRE Wheels and Falken Tires. From what you can see, it’s exterior look is really great. Inside, this 350z has a lot of audio/video equipment, mainly products from Bazooka. Other features it has are: racing compass and switchgear by Ignited and a 100 shot of nitrous from Nitrous Express. Read More →

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