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Miss Tuning 2012 Winner: Frizzi Arnold

Monday, May 14th, 2012:

Recent news has it that Frizzi Arnold was crowned Miss Tuning 2012 at Tuning World Bodensee in Germany. With the original pool of over 500 applicants, fans from around the world voted who should be the new title holder. The 22 year old model from Chemnitz, Germany took the crown, and we have all the pictures from the event for you. Runner up was Alena Lackmann, while third place was grabbed by Phaedra Mueller Heyweiler from Munich. Check out all the photos of Frizzi Arnold Miss Tuning 2012 and more stunning car girls after the jump.

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Miss Tuning 2013 Finalists

Sunday, April 8th, 2012:

With the Miss Tuning 2013 finalists recently announced, we all know it’s that time of year again for the Tuning World Bodensee. Held in the northern part of Friedrichshafen, Germany this car show brings together more than a thousand custom cars and hundreds of beautiful car girls that have been narrowed down to these top twenty by tuning enthusiasts. You can browse through several of these submitted pictures from the finalists to decide who should win the 2013 Miss Tuning title.

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Miss Tuning 2011 Winner Mandy Lange – Video

Monday, October 31st, 2011:

Here’s a special Halloween treat for those that celebrate the occasion, we have the behind the scenes video and pictures of Mandy Lange, the winner of Miss Tuning 2011. Every year at Germany’s Tuning World Bodensee, the finalists for the Miss Tuning contest are chosen, and ultimately a winner is selected. Since we all know that car tuning shows are just as much about the hot car girls, we’re not going to beat around the bush. Hit the jump to see the stunning pictures of Mandy Lange, and try to not to stare too hard at the cars.

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Mandy Lange Crowned Miss Tuning 2011

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011:

Out of the 18 finalists chosen from more than 500 applicants, 23-year-old Mandy Lange has been crowned Miss Tuning 2011 at Europe’s largest tuning show. The Tuning World Bodensee is where it all happened for the hot young blonde fitness instructor from Brandenburg. Mandy responded in tears, saying, “I can not even grasp, simply incredible.” Over this next year, she will be the queen of the international tuning scene, and travel around the beaches and city of Croatia to shoot the upcoming Miss Tuning Calendar for 2012. Also, Mandy Lange will take the home the top prize, a brand new Skoda Fabia RS, as well as a two month promotional contract associated with Congrats!

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Miss Tuning 2011 Calendar

Thursday, October 14th, 2010:

Miss Tuning Calendar 2011

It’s that time of the year again, we have news of the Miss Tuning 2011 calendar, this year featuring 2010 winner Kristin Zippel. She is a 27-year old model from Mering in the German state of Bavaria. Last May, Zippel won the Miss Tuning context at the World Bodensee Tuning show in Friedrichshafen, Germany. This years calendar set includes photography by Max Steam and the photo shoot took place in the Great Lakes region of North America over the summer. It consists largely of various iconic American cars, and you should grab your copy quick at It will be for collectors since only 1,500 copies will be made, and priced at €25.

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Kristin Zippel Wins Miss Tuning 2010

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010:

Miss Tuning Winner

It’s been hectic at the Tuning World Bodensee this past weekend where 26-year old Kristin Zippel was crowned the winner of Miss Tuning 2010. She’s a beauty therapist from Mering, Germany who beat out Jennifer Ziegener and Irena, the runner-up and third place finalists respectively. She stunned the judges in her sexy bikini, and was awarded a Nissan Micra along with an upcoming photo shoot in the Great Lakes region of North America. After Kristin was announced the winner, she stated, “This is crazy, I’m really looking forward to exciting events with great people, and above all the cool cars.”

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Miss Tuning 2010 Car Babe Finalists

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010:

Miss Tuning Car Babes

Here are the twenty car babe finalists of the Miss Tuning 2010 competition. Twenty gorgeous gals made the cut from a whopping 500 who entered. We now have the car girls pictures for you to enjoy. These ladies will take the stage at the 2010 Tuning World Bodensee starting May 13th where the winner will be determined. Not everyday do you get to see hot car girls, but these are some of the finest show girls that have been on the car show scene for a while. So, who’s your favorite?

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2010 Miss Tuning Calendar Car Babes

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009:


It’s that time of the year again! Summer has come to an end and here are pictures from the 2010 Miss Tuning Calendar with the hottest car babe. Featured in this year’s car tuning calendar is the 19 year old Martina Ivezaj who posed in the British Virgin Islands for Christian Holzknecht. Several of the shots show the many facets of the British Virgin Islands, and the typical life of living by the Caribbean beaches. However I doubt many of you will be looking at the landscape, because Martina is one sexy car babe.

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