VITT Mercedes CLS Tuned Aggressively

Check out the latest VITT Performance project based on the all new W218 Mercedes CLS. We have already featured some great Mercedes CLS projects like the Wald Black Bison kit, but these models just keep getting wilder. Judge for yourself whether this VITT CLS is too over the top or not, the exterior has received a complete make over with many new aftermarket parts.

VATH Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG

The tuners at VATH have released an elegant kit for the Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG luxury sports car. If you think this car lacks some power, then turn to the German tuning firm who has boosted output from 525 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque, to a mind blowing 660 HP and 990 Nm of torque. The result of the Mercedes tuning is a new sprint time from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds, 200 km/h in 12.0 seconds, and a new top speed of 325 km/h or 202 mph.

Mercedes-Benz B55 V8

Check out this Mercedes-Benz B55 V8, a one-off model exclusively manufactured to mark the success of the premium Mercedes A and B-Class models. It carries a 5.5-liter V8 engine capable of producing 388 horsepower and 530 Nm of torque, along with a seven-speed automatic transmission. Based upon a training destined B 200 CDI, the high performance Mercedes B 55 car idea came from the plant manager Peter Wesp, who gave his staff the task of developing a special automobile on the basis of the B-Class. Additional special fittings were made in the steering and exhaust areas, and the drive axle at the rear was swapped with an older W210 series E-Class model.

MEC Design Mercedes-Benz S550

Sitting as one of the most exclusive luxury cars in the world, the new Mercedes-Benz S550 W221 S-Class is very reasonably priced. By offering premium quality options on materials, MEC Design tuned their their W221 to the extreme. One disadvantage might be the ordinary exterior, based on the S550 from 2007 with AMG bumpers, but is also outfitted with huge wheels, sports exhaust, lowered suspension, a new steering wheel, and floor mats. MEC Design also fitted their fully tuned W221 with MECxtremell three piece rims with flatbed; satin Edition with other options available. The front range from 11Jx20-inch (4,5 outer lip) and the rear has 12.5Jx20-inch (5,5 outer lip) with 295 and 325 tires respectively.

Kicherer Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

The latest tuning company to jump on the band wagon and customize the highly anticipated Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG are the guys from Kicherer. Still waiting for the official market release, the new Mercedes has caught the eyes of many tuning enthusiasts. Here we have the concept pictures of the tuning program from Kicherer, and the new Mercedes Gullwing SLS AMG looks stunning. Naming it the Kicherer SLS 63 CP, the new kit definitely sports a high-class aerodynamic package. Coming from Germany, the specialists have customized a new front lip spoiler, roof air intake, and sporty rear diffuser for the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

INDEN-Design Mercedes-Benz SL 500

The lastest work from the well known Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari tuners at INDEN-Design shows a new tuning kit for the Mercedes SL 500. Receiving a completely new body kit from the Mercedes SL 65 AMG, the SL 500 has a more sporty appearance. The car was hooked up with large custom chrome wheels measuring 20×10.5 in the front, and 20×11.75 in the rear wrapped in 255/30/20 and 305/25/20 high performance Pirelli tires. The stance of the car was important to INDEN-Design, so they installed a ABC-sport suspension kit that can lower the vehicle up to 50 mm. The new SL 65 AMG body kit on the Mercedes SL 500 really transforms the car with the new front spoiler, rear bumper, carbon fiber diffuser, side skirts, rear spoiler, and aftermarket rear lights.

Lorinser Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Sportservice Lorinser is a well known tuning firm with long traditions customizing Mercedes-Benz cars including the E-Class model pictured here. They have honored the Mercedes E-Class W212 premium limousine with a new stylish look. Re-designing the front, Lorinser added an all-black grille that is the center of attention. A front spoiler lip was installed underneath that extends farther than the stock bumper for a more aggressive look along with the LED lights. The middle of the front bumper was painted a different color to emphasize the grilles in the fenders, as well as the side skirts which also have vents towards the rear. Furthermore, the rear of the Mercedes E-Class features a new bumper with diffuser kit and roof spoiler for an extra sporty look.

MKB Tuning Mercedes Benz CL 65 AMG

The German car tuners from MKB Tuning have upgraded the Mercedes Benz CL 65 AMG with several new features. Their latest creation is modeled after the twin turbocharged Mercedes Benz CL 65 AMG coupe, and some parts can also be used on other models in the CL-Class, such as the CL500 or CL550. This particular model received the name MKB 65/12 BT and it comes with modifications for the engine, as well as wheel and tire upgrades. After the engine tuning, the Mercedes Benz CL 65 AMG has a power output of 750 hp from the stock 517 hp, and torque was increased to 922 ft lbs. In the rear a new high performance axle was bolted on to accommodate the extra power, and a differential lock and revised transmission module was added.

Wald International Mercedes Benz R-Class

One of the latest vehicles to join the Wald International Black Bison collection is the Mercedes Benz R-Class from the car tuning experts. The Japanese tuners at Wald International have created a styling package for the Mercedes Benz R-Class, giving it an aggressive look. The body kit includes a new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, blacked out front grille, and rear diffuser. A quad pipe exhaust system was fitted to help the performance and also add to the sporty look. You can tell that Wald likes use all black for their Black Bison models, so they didn’t stop with only a body kit.

MEC Design Mercedes Benz S-Class

European car tuning company MEC Design has released a new body kit for the Mercedes Benz S-Class with several options for the customer. The front received a two-face front bumper hookup which allows the customer to choose between having the air intakes filled with daytime running lights and fog lights, or simply mesh. Moving onto the rear of the vehicle, you have the option of a rear diffuser or a sport version diffuser which you see pictured. A custom stainless steel quad exhaust system is installed with either diffuser option. With the custom exhaust, the owner is given the option of the ‘Earthquake’ version which delivers maximum sound, or they can choose a milder version that is close to the stock sound.

Relux Mercedes Benz S-Class

German car tuning company Relux brings us the luxuriuos Mercedes Benz S-Class with a stealthy all black look. Although the company is from Germany, their products are more popular in Dubai and Asia. For this Mercedes S-Class model they chose to go with several interesting exterior modifications. At the front is a new spoiler with daytime running lights added, which remains questionable in the looks department. The rear received a new bumper with a large diffuser allowing the awkwardly shaped exhaust pipes to be installed. To top off the exterior, 20″ matte black wheels and dark tint give this Mercedes S-Class the stealth look.