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First Chrome Wrapped Lexus LFA

Thursday, July 19th, 2012:

The buyer of this Lexus LFA will be the first person in the world to have the chrome wrapped version of the supercar. It was recently delivered in Australia to the lucky owner who received what is claimed by Lexus themselves as the first ever. This particular Lexus LFA No304 will be one of ten, with a worldwide production of only 500 cars. The chrome car wrap was handled by Exotic Graphix in Melbourne and the Lexus LFA will make an appearance at this weekend’s MotorEx show at Sydney’s Homebush Bay. It will be one of hundreds of high performance cars that have been modified or tuned before being dropped off at the new owners garage.

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First Lexus LFA Car Crash

Friday, January 20th, 2012:

Here we have it, the first Lexus LFA to be involved in a car crash. The members of ClubLexus brought this to our attention, where the accident occured in Orlando on October 8th last year. Looks like a common traffic accident to us, since both the front and rear bumper were severely damaged. After the crash, the Lexus LFA was put up for sale at Expo Motor Cars in Houston, Texas. It finally sold this month on January 3rd with only 635 miles on the odometer.

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Transparent Lexus LFA

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011:

These pictures of the transparent Lexus LFA have been around for a while, but are a must see if you haven’t come across them yet. This project was constructed by Scu Fujimoto, a famous Japanese architect, and was first showcased at the Milan Design Week. It’s a completely unique and stunning tuning job performed by the guys, which features some great details and timely work to clone the Lexus LFA with all clear acrylic parts. Since the Lexus LFA is now see through, the seats, instrument panel, engine, suspension, and axles are all easily visible. Lexus stated that the project was constructed from transparent acrylic boards, which have all been sanded and polished to get a clear look.

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Lexus LFA Doing Donuts

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011:

We have been patiently waiting many years for the Lexus LFA to be released, and now have this video of one of the first owners doing donuts with the supercar. This lucky owner from Costa Rica literally took his brand spankin new red Lexus LF-A for a quick spin. Atleast now we get to see and hear how the official LFA looks and sounds without any tuning performed. Although after watching this video, we’re wondering who will be the first to crash a Lexus LFA supercar. If you’re wondering how to do a donut, or spin tires, check out the additional video after the jump.

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