Retrobuilt Ford Mustang 1969 Shelby GT500 Package

Fresh off the press, car modification company Retrobuilt has taken the new fifth generation Ford Mustang and made it look like the old classic 1969 Shelby GT500. The tuners who are located in Missouri have been working on this 1969 Shelby GT 500CS package for a while now and it is ready for the public. The conversion kit will include all new body panels, new headlights, taillights, chrome trim and Shelby wheels to replicate the original 69 Mustang.

Design-World Ford Mustang GT

German tuning firm Design-World (Marko Mennekes) has released a brand new package for the American Ford Mustang GT. It started off as a completely black Ford Mustang GT, then the tuners decided to add metallic orange CFC films along with white and black to make it extremely unique. New body parts for the Mustang GT include front and rear bumpers, side skirts, rear diffuser, and a stylish front grille. Performance tuning came next.

2010 Saleen 435S Ford Mustang GT

Despite a lawsuit between Steve Saleen and Saleen Performance Vehicles, the new 2010 Saleen 435S Ford Mustang GT will have a variety of new performance parts. Right now there is a pending lawsuit between Steve Saleen and MJ Acquisitions, who now own Saleen Performance Vehicles, in which Steve Saleen does not want his name used anymore for future vehicles. However, until the lawsuit is settled MJ Acquisitions is allowed to release as many Saleen branded models as they’d like. So this week at a Mustang enthusiasts event in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, they launched the new 435S Mustang based off the Ford Mustang GT. The redesigned Mustang comes fitted with a Saleen Series VI supercharger that outputs 435 hp and 425 ft-lbs of torque from the well sized 4.6-liter V8.

Chip Foose Ford Mustang GT

If you have seen any of Chip Foose car works before, then you know that this 2010 Ford Mustang GT he is giving away will be just as extraordinary. He will be giving away this custom built Ford Mustang GT on an episode of Spike TV’s Muscle Car, and you have a chance to win! Simply enter to win at Chip Foose is known for his natural talent in car tuning, and he creates masterpieces with all the projects he finishes. For this build he used some of the best aftermarket parts, and you can enter to win this vehicle by submitting an entry once a week until October 12th.