Ferrari F430 Replica Based On A Toyota Celica

Check out this Ferrari F430 replica kit that has been built on a Toyota Celica. When planning to build a replica, the first car the comes to mind is the Pontiac Fiero to use as the donor car. Simply because it was a mid-engine sports car that has a similar wheel base as some of the exotics today. However, occasionally you will find tuners finding new ways to construct the car of their dreams, like this Toyota Celica Ferrari F430 kit.

Anderson Germany Ferrari F430 Scuderia

Anderson Germany has released this Ferrari F430 Scuderia, which looks like it’s still in the primer stage of the paint job. However, this is the real paint and a complete tuning job of a car that looks like it has fighter plane style with black bonnet stripes, carbon fiber door mirrors, and a rear diffuser. Anderson also added carbon fibre parts to the engine bay, then moved onto installing black rims with larger tires, tinted windows, smoked taillights, and indicators to round out the exterior styling. Under the hood of the Ferrari F430 is where the Dusseldorf-based tuners focused next.

Full Carbon Fiber Ferrari 16M

Thanks to GTspirit, we can show you what is probably the most expensive Ferrari 16M on the market today. This tuning project features a complete carbon fiber body commissioned by a previous owner from the Ferrari bodywork specialist Carrozzeria Zanasi. The 16M is now for sale at Ferrari Beverly Hills for an insane $650,000. All the exterior panels have been manufactured in carbon fibre, but is that amount of money really worth it? For over half a million dollars you could almost buy three of these cars, one to crash, one to drive, and one to store away forever. However, if you must own the very best, then this Ferrari F430 16M would be the perfect match, because I find it hard to believe anyone will duplicate this ride.

Status Design Ferrari F430

The Russian tuning company Status Design, unleashed their new performance and styling package for the Ferrari F430 proving that a little more power could be squeezed out of the 4.3-liter V8 beast. The SU35 kit, made for the F430 includes quite a few upgrades. To start, these tuning specialists re calibrated the engine control unit and added a performance exhaust, increasing the cars overall power to about 525 HP, not to mention speeds in excess of 200 mph. Despite what we expect out of Ferrari, realizing some might say that’s not enough, Status Design will be extending the package to include a supercharger kit by Novitec Rosso for a few more greenbacks. The result is these car enthusiasts will be able to increase their F430’s power to an insane 700 horsepower! But what about looks you ask?

ASI Tuning Ferrari F430

Ferrari F430 is the latest car to receive tuning modifications from the well know Japanese company ASI Tuning. Earlier today they released their all exclusive body kit for the top of line Ferrari F430. The new line of customizations includes a new front bumper, side skirts, dry carbon rear wing, and rear bumper. Underneath is a performance exhaust system integrated to fit the rear bumper and an air diffuser addition. In all corners are 20 inch solid forged wheels that add a stylish look but also offer performance improvements. ASI Tuning can perform performance tuning for under the hood, and suspension if the customer is interested.

Hamann Ferrari F430 Black Miracle

The Ferrari F430 is one of the most eye catching cars ever made and Hamann Motorsport makes it stand out from the crowd with their special tuning kit. The called this Ferrari “Black Miracle” and even though it’s not red it will surely turn a lot of heads. The car looks like it’s covered in velvet and the black matte paint could receive red, orange or yellow additions which create a brilliant contrast. Hamann made a new aerodynamic kit with a lot of elements from motorsports. The front spoiler minimize front axle buoyancy and the wide panel wings lower the car and makes it look more aggressive. For the rear part of this Ferrari, the car tuning company installed a diffuser and a powerful rear wing which provide more downthurst and improves the car’s aerodynamics a lot.

Iding Power Ferrari F460GT

Iding Power‘s new F460 GT is an Italian car with a Japanese touch very different than the Ferrari F430 super car. The car tuners tried to boost this car’s power and with even more aggressive aerodynamics this Ferrari will stand out from the crowd easily. Many stock parts were replaced with carbon fiber and, as the name suggests, the F460GT increases the standard 4.3L displacement of the V8 engine from the F430 by 0.3L and now this ride has a 4.6L engine. After they included some bolt on additions the car has 508 HP and 479 Nm of torque. With this performance upgrade the F460GT can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds and it could run the standing kilometer in 20.9 seconds. Iding Power declared that this car’s top speed is above 320 km/h.

Novitec Rosso Ferrari F430 Scuderia

Ferrari F430 Scuderia is one of the cars that everyone will love to have in their own garage. The car has a V8 engine that will develop 510 HP and 470 Nm and it’s performances could satisfy even the most pretentious supercar fan. If you wish more than that from this car the guys from Novitec Rosso have released another tuning kit that will boost this car’s power to 717 HP. The car will accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds and it could reach 300 km/h in 26.1 seconds. You’ll just have to search for an open road where you can test it. The maximum speed for this modified car is incredible: 348 km/h. To get this extra power, the guys from Novitec Rosso have installed new compressors, high performance air filters and bigger air injectors to cool this car’s engine.