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Duke Dynamics BMW M4 Widebody Kit

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014:

Here we have a new strong design for the BMW M4 Coupe by the tuners at Duke Dynamics. They are a Vancouver, Canada based tuning firm and are giving this package the name MD4. With a much more aggressive look and stance, the Bavarian coupe will surely attract bimmer enthusiasts worldwide. The widebody kit includes a new front bumper, lip spoiler, vented hood, wider fenders, side skirts, redesigned rear bumper, carbon fiber diffuser and a CSL style boot.

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A Fresh New Look For The BMW Z4

Monday, December 23rd, 2013:

The German aftermarket tuners at MB Individual Cars have launched a special edition kit for the BMW Z4 Roadster. While these cars are expensive on the show floor, they depreciate quick on the used market so you’d be surprised what you could find one for these days. Now if you want the custom look seen on this white Z4, then be prepared to hand over €3,999 or about $5,500.

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Cam Shaft BMW X6M Tuned by PP-Performance

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013:

A new package from the tuners at Cam Shaft has hit the tuning scene for the BMW X6M. They partnered up with PP-Performance to give it the works with new styling and tuning under the hood. Cam Shaft started with the exterior foil wrap that is called the frozen anthracite matte metallic and features diamond black accents. We also notice some Vorsteiner aftermarket body parts made of carbon fiber.

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BBM Motorsport Tunes the BMW 330d Touring

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013:

A new tuning package has been released by the guys at BBM Motorsport for the BMW 330d Touring. With performance in mind, a Pipercross air filter, Supersprint sport exhaust system and ECU optimization boost the 3.0-liter six-cylinder diesel powerplant. These modifications allow the sporty wagon to produce 274 horsepower with 859 Nm of torque, an increase of 43 HP and 339 Nm of torque when compared to the factory numbers.

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Lumma Design BMW X5 CLR X 5 RS

Saturday, July 27th, 2013:

Lumma Design has stayed a step ahead of the competition by releasing these photos of their CLR X 5 RS for the new 2014 BMW X5. Even though the luxury SUV won’t be released until November, we see it has received an aggressive body kit with a new front bumper, side skirts, wider wheel arches, vented hood, rear bumper and spoiler. Additional aftermarket styling parts for the exterior include the 23-inch alloy rims wrapped in high performance tires and the quad-tipped sport exhaust system.

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Alpha-N Performance Tuned BMW M3 Coupe

Wednesday, July 24th, 2013:

A new performance kit has hit the tuning scene from the guys at Alpha-N Performance for the BMW M3 coupe E92. They wasted no time with improving the power output of the factory 4.0-liter V8 engine. Starting off with the displacement being increased to 4.6-liters, the horsepower rose from 420 to 490 while torque increased from 295 lb-ft to 346 lb-ft. This hefty gain allows the BMW M3 to reach speeds of 196 mph or 315 km/h with the speed limiter deactivated.

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Inside Performance BMW X6 M Tuning Kit

Saturday, May 4th, 2013:

Here we have a new package from the guys at Inside Performance for the BMW X6 M. This fast and flashy SUV has been called the “Stealth” project by the tuners, however nothing about this exterior appears stealth to us. With the pixel camouflage theme used to mimic jet fighters and other flying vehicles, the color combination is out of place since this car will only be flying on the Autobahn.

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Crashed BMW X5 Tuned Into Road Warrior

Monday, April 1st, 2013:

If you’ve ever had someone rear-end you or unfortunately you hit someone else, it’s not always the end of the world based on this BMW X5 example. The owner of this SUV decided to enhance the car after the wreck by bringing it to Fluid Motor Union. However, the owner abandoned the car, so FMU was left with they now call Project X. They started off with a new set of Cragar steel rims wrapped in Dick Cepek tires featuring skull and bones on the sidewalls.

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Lumma Design BMW 1-Series Modifications

Thursday, March 28th, 2013:

Here we have a new styling kit for the BMW 1-Series (F20) from Lumma Design. Even though this sporty hatchback is one of the least popular BMW models, the tuners have improved it and made it more desirable. They start off with a new front lip spoiler that is easy to install and can be pre-painted to match your car by request.

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Vorsteiner BMW M5 F10 Teaser Pics

Friday, March 22nd, 2013:

Tuning company Vorsteiner has teased us with their upcoming package for the BMW M5 F10 sedan. It starts off with a new body additions made of lightweight carbon fiber, making the sports car much more aggressive looking than the stock version. As for the styling modifications you will notice a new splitter up front, side skirts add-ons, diffuser and spoiler at the rear. Rounding it out are a new set of forged rims ranging from 20-22 inches.

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Look At The Serious Hamann BMW M5 Mi5Sion

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013:

The guys at Hamann Motorsports played no games when it came to tuning this BMW M5 they are calling the Mi5Sion. Up front is a mean looking face-lift with new bumper, fender extensions, matching side skirts, vented rear bumper, boot spoiler and roof spoiler. Continuing the aggressive look are a new set of black alloy rims wrapped in high performance tires along with a quad tipped exhaust system at the rear.

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Hartge BMW 6-Series GranCoupe Tuning

Thursday, February 7th, 2013:

The tuners at Hartge have released a new aftermarket package for the BMW 6-Series GranCoupe 640i and 640d models. They have taken the 3.0-liter inline six cylinder engine found in the 640i and increased the power to 367 HP and 520 Nm of torque. The 640d 3.0-liter diesel powerplant now produces 362 horsepower to go along with the 730 newton meters or torque. All this extra power comes from the boost of airflow through the stainless steel exhaust system and ECU tuning.

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