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BBR Ford Focus RS MK2

Saturday, August 14th, 2010:


The UK tuning company BBR has recently made their new package for the Ford Focus RS MK2 available to the public. With their 4-stage upgrade kit, priced at a reasonable £8,500, tuners can achieve 404 HP. For starters, the stage one kit includes an ECU upgrade accompanied by a new silicone air induction hose increasing power to about 342 bhp with 500 Nm of torque. This upgrade may appeal to some while many tuning fanatics spend about £1,440, to go the extra mile with the stage 2 package. Customers can expect a new air filter, new silicone air inlet hoses, a complete remap of the car’s ECU, along with a performance intercooler. All in all, this upgrade is capable of increasing the Ford Focus RS MK2’s power to an impressive 355 bhp accompanied by 512 Nm of torque.

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