B&B Volkswagen Scirocco R

The tuners at B&B have released three new stages of performance for the popular Volkswagen Scirocco R. In the first stage, an upgrade to the ECU and the electronic injection system were tuned to squeeze out 306 bhp with 410 Nm of torque from the engine. With those numbers the Volkswagen Scirocco R was able to reach a top speed of 275 km/h. The second level of upgrades include a new exhaust downpipe, air flow system, ignition, and fuel injection to produce 320 bhp and 435 Nm of torque, while reaching a top speed of 279 km/h. Upgrades to the turbo and full exhaust come next with the third package from B&B.

B&B boosts Volkswagen sports car the VW Golf R

Well recognized Volkswagen and Audi tuning specialists, B&B, have released their latest performance program for the sporty VW Golf R. Transforming the current Volkswagen Golf R into a hot sports car is mostly performance tuning to the engine bay, with little done to the exterior of the cars styling. This new package from B&B has been developed into 3 separate stages, all with impressive power numbers. Customers can choose to have their Golf R boosted to either 310 hp, 324 hp, or 362 hp. At the highest stage of 362 hp, the B&B VW Golf R is able to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds, and reach a top speed of 280 km/h.

B&B Audi TT-RS

An all new performance tuning package has been released for the Audi TT-RS by the company B&B. There are four different tuning stages available for the new Audi, all resulting with impressive power numbers. The Stage 1 kit consists of a simple ECU tuning to take the boost level up an extra 0.2 bar, giving the engine 410 hp and priced at 1,950 euro. In the Stage 2 package, customers receive an extra 0.25 bar of boost along with an upgraded cooling system, resulting in 425 hp for 2,950 euro. The third stage is a bit more expensive than the first two, but the performance increases are well worth it.

B&B Volkswagen Eos Sport

German tuning company B&B specialize in VW and Audi and they recently released turbo packages for the sporty cabriolet Volkswagen Eos. The packages feature huge horsepower gains for this car and are available in four different power levels (360, 400, 450, and 500hp!) To reach the 500hp mark several modifications need to be done that include; larger intercooled turbocharger, new cylinder head with trimmed compression, high power injectors, and a more precise fuel pump. Minor modifications include higher quality gaskets all around, and a special slim line oilcooler to keep temperatures stable. With all these mods at the 500hp level, the B&B Volkswagen Eos was able to run a 4.2 second 0-100 km/h.

B&B VW Scirocco

B&B started to modify Volkswagen and Audi cars about 25 years ago and their skills and modified cars got better and better in time. Their latest tuning project is based on the new Volkswagen Scirocco, one of the most popular European cars at the moment. B&B made a special engine kit which will increase this car’s performances in 6 stages: the first stage begins with a couple of modifications at the engine electronics which boost the power to 235 HP and 340 Nm for just 998 Euro. Next stages will take the engine to 250, 265, 286, 300 and in the final EVO R stage this Scirocco will have 350 HP and 450 Nm under the hood. This is achieved by changing the car’s original engine with a special engine equipped with a bigger turbo loader, optimized crank shaft and forged pistons with modified cylinder heads.

B&B Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Tiguan is an agile compact crossover vehicle that aims to be a sophisticated SUV but owners still want to add a stylish touch to this vehicle. German car tuning company B&B has made an extensive tuning kit for the Volkswagen Tiguan and they decided to improve the car’s performances, styling and handling to make it almost perfect.  They prepared various tuning stages for the car’s engine versions which will add a big power boost under the hood. The gasoline 1.4 TSI engine which initially had 150 HP could be upgrated to 190, 200 or 220 HP, while the 2.0 TFSI engine which delivered 170 HP is able to produce 220, 240, 280 or even 300 HP after B&B makes some magic under the hood. The 2.0 TFSI engine with 200 HP could be upgraded to 240, 250, 286 and 300 HP.

B&B Audi TT-S

B&B Audi TT-S 1

Even though Audi TT-S was oficially revealed 6 months ago, there are many car tuning companies that already try to modify this car. B&B tried to make it look just like it’s bigger brother, the Audi R8 and they created a special exterior kit that makes it look like that. For the car’s engine, the guys from B&B made three performance tuning kits. The first upgrade will boost the engine’s power from 272 HP to 306 HP, the second one will get it to 324 HP while the third tuning kit will take this engine to 363 HP. To improve the car’s performance like that the german tuning company modified the engine cooling unit and replaced it’s turbine. The strongest model, the one that has 362 HP could match a R8 when it comes to performances.