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JE Design Audi Q7 S-Line

Saturday, July 31st, 2010:

JE Design Audi Q7 S-Line

The tuning specialists at JE Design finally released their new package including: complete body kit, engine upgrades, and new rims for the Audi Q7 S-Line. All customers will receive their TUV certificates with each part for quality assurance. The new widebody kit by JE Design definitely makes a bold appearance with a front spoiler, 12 part flared wheel arch kit and door trim for only 2,699 Euros. For another 1,798 Euros, tuners are given a new rear bumper extension with double exhaust portage. All this accompanied by some headlight covers, and a rear spoiler help make this one unique ride. The Audi Q7 S-Line is also offered without the widebody kit for those who do not need the extra attention, however prefer the sleeper look.

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