Best For The First: Buying Your First Car

buying first car

The first car is always a special buy and one of the most important decisions for a young family. The UK has seen young adults invest in their first car almost as soon as they have obtained a valid driver’s license. In the past, youngsters and their parents would often buy a very basic model or used car that was meant to just about “make do” for their teen-aged children.

A recent study by voucher cloud has revealed that first timers are willing to spend about GBP 1784 on their first vehicles. This trend is indicative of a price ­conscious market that is unwilling to invest in an expensive and brand new first car. Here is a compilation of the best options among an array of used cars available for sale in today’s market, especially for first­ timers.

Ford Fiesta
Introduced in 1976, the Ford Fiesta has set an example of being a perfectly economical car. Designed in many variants, this small car comes with stylish exteriors, low running costs and convenient driving dynamics. Every variant is equipped with essentials like power fold mirrors, automatic lights, wipers and the like. Quick steering, efficient fuel and precision in control have ensured a fan base that is unwavering in loyalty.

Volkswagen Polo
One of the most desirable super minis, the Volkswagen Polo is the epitome of practicality. Largely appreciated for its powerful engine, the Polo comes with a choice of 1.0 and 1.2 liter petrol cylinders alongside a 1.4 liter three cylinder diesel option. Best suited for everyday use, this car has exceptionally comfortable steering, Bluetooth connectivity, a digital radio and a USB port. Although the car is not the best in terms of appearance, it sure is equipped with comfortable seating and sufficient head and leg room. If you are someone who drives a lot and are looking at low fuel costs, this car is designed for you.

Skoda Fabia
Credited for being good value for money, the Skoda Fabia comes with enviable space and a range of engines to choose from. The latest version of this vehicle is about 65kgs lighter than its predecessor and provides a comfortable drive at higher speeds. Proven popular in several satisfaction surveys, the Skoda Fabia is quite reliable as it comes with 6 airbags, seatbelt reminders, stability control and low speed collision avoidance kit. Its petrol variant is the most popular model, which is also celebrated for having the lowest carbon dioxide emissions.

Seat Ibiza
An head ­turner, the Seat Ibiza is a comfortable supermini that is comparable with the Volkswagen Polo and is competitively priced. Equipped with engines of the Volkswagen Group, this small package is comprehensive in that it comes with style, comfort and economy. To add to the well­styled interiors, the car has excellent steering that ensures a thoroughly pleasurable ride. The car also comes in both manual and automatic gearbox and is well ­suited to people with different needs.

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