Overkill Central: Nissan GTR with Metal Engraved Paint


At the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon this past week, KUHL Racing unveiled quite possibly the most overkill tuning job on a Nissan GTR we’ve ever seen. Behold the metallic finish by Artis, called the “3D Ultimate Engraving Metal Paint.” All completely hand grave, we feel bad for whoever had to do all this custom work to ruin an amazing sports car.

Sometimes people have too much money, and not only is the metal engraved car hideous, they had to add on an Aero Monster wide body kit by Love Lark in the process. At least we can say it received a decent performance boost with tuning by Blitz and a nice set of Work rims to round out the project.

Nissan GTR with Metal Engraved Paint


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One Response to “Overkill Central: Nissan GTR with Metal Engraved Paint”

  1. Tuning says:

    It’s not really my style, but this car is awesome.

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