Carmony Rebrands for Bigger Piece of the Used Car Market


Carmony has just undergone a makeover. Its new rebrand is set to attract more customers and get its name out there on a larger scale to compete in the competitive used car market. Established in 2008, it is one of the UK’s largest leading approved car websites available. It specializes in selling used vehicles from franchised dealers. Their aim is to keep the car search simple and fuss free so people can identify the right cars for their lifestyle without having to spend too long doing it. With its specialized search tools, customers can put in exactly what they are looking for in a car, the budget they have and whether they want it new or used. The site also provides news updates alongside reviews and events from the world of motoring so that all visitors to the site are kept up to date. The site is run and owned by Manheim Europe.

What is great about this site is that it really does make your search that bit easier. You can locate the nearest vehicles to you that come under the specifications you have asked for, as well as being able to dictate the price range and type of car you want based around your lifestyle. Carmony’s re-brand has focused upon shifting towards more premium cars in the used car market, ultimately giving people a larger range of cars to choose from and also tapping into a niche they haven’t yet fully explored. These new premium cars will be at a price of above £25,000 and will consist of models such as Audi and Lexus. This is a great area for Carmony to expand into as it will draw in more customers and also create something else that they can say they offer their customers.

The Carmony site offers a wide variety of cars, so it can be hard for customer’s to know whether they can trust the site or not, especially if they are using it for the first time. All the cars for sale through Carmony are dealer approved so you don’t need to worry about purchasing a vehicle that lets you down once you have received it. You can get in touch with the dealers directly so viewing the vehicle and taking it out for a test drive is available to you if you want it. This is always recommended and Carmony support this as they only want the best for their customers.

They also have a reduced car section, as well as sections for new cars, nearly new cars or used cars, as well as a location finder so you can find the best vehicles nearest to you and receive the best deal. The website is clear and first buyer friendly, making it your first port of call if you are looking at getting a different car. Many wonder whether, with so many other online car dealers like it (such as Autotrader) is there enough room for another one? Carmony’s re-brand speaks wonders against other car dealers – it’s less complicated and easy on the eye.

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