Nissan Steers Away From Heavy Incentives to Boost Profit


Nissan Rogue sales have witnessed a huge flow of 19% in the first financial quarter this year. If you are looking forward to own or get a test drive for Nissan than do not think to get a negotiation or bargain from the dealer. The reason being for the change is the implementation of the new policy by the management to impact a huge imprint on sales to compete with other car makers.

With a schedule of in demand vehicles, the Japanese Car manufacturers are finally turning down their pricing policies in a bid to compete with their rivals of the industry who are none other than Honda and Toyota who are quite renowned with the consumers for their top notch releases this year like Toyota Camry 2015 and Honda with launch of exquisite launches of Civic and Accord. “Our plan for the fiscal year 2014 is to go on and try to push down prices as much as we can, says the Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn as he talked about his future steps and ideas for coming year on conference call.
Dealing in car that has immense good will and most likely to be responded well by the dealers as well as consumer is the ideal way to hold the line on price, and Nissan is unarguably doing well on this front. Its car Rogue has been doing exceptional in North American region with sales surging up to 18% in the initial quarters. While the Altima still encourage tons of drivers away from the favorites like Toyota Camry and Honda’s Accord. Nissan is also set to launch 10 new vehicles coming out this year in 2015 that includes an updated version of Murano SUV and a pickup that is likely to be sold worldwide.

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