Another Bentley Continental GT Replica Sells on eBay


Here we have another Bentley Continental GT replica that recently sold on eBay. If you missed this post a few years ago, be sure to check that one out as it looks a little more like the real deal on the exterior. This one is an obvious fake with the cheap rims, half done interior, and non-OEM taillights. Would you still fool the majority of Americans, surely you would, but bring this to Europe and you’ll be called out in a second.

Many people are still buying these replicas, although recent prices for Bentley’s have plummeted to under $100,000. We’ve even seen some in the $60,000 range. So for just a bit of double the cost of this fake piece of junk, you could actually own the real thing. Almost feel bad for the people who are being ripped off almost $30,000 for this cheap plastic.



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