Vorsteiner Range Rover Veritas Body Kit


A new kit from Vorsteiner has hit the car tuning scene for the Range Rover and they are calling it the Veritas. With more aggressive body styling, the carbon fiber package includes new bumpers, side skirts and wheels. The rims seen in these pictures are VSR-163 forged monoblock’s measuring 24-inches and come wrapped in Pirelli high performance tires. For those interested in the color, they call this a “gloss brushed shadow” finish.

With the launch of this new Vorsteiner body kit, the tuners are offering custom leather upholstery along with some paint work at the Vorsteiner shop. These packages don’t come cheap if you’re familiar with Vorsteiner. But if you want your Range Rover to look the best on the streets, then spend the extra money on high quality car parts from a high quality tuner.


Range Rover Veritas Body Kit

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