LED Lovers Check Out This Nissan GT-R


We recently came across this Nissan GT-R and had to share all of its LED greatness, along with the wide body kit and unique front end. Nicknamed the Radzilla, the custom lightning specialists at FlyRyde hooked up the sports car with an assortment of LED lights for the headlights, taillights and throughout the body kit. Soon to make an appearance at the SEMA Show is Las Vegas, you can now gather some ideas for that next LED lighting project you have in mind. Stay tuned for more modified Nissan GT-R’s and coverage of the souped-up SEMA rides.


Nissan GT-R Pictures

Nissan GT-R Rear Start-up Video

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One Response to “LED Lovers Check Out This Nissan GT-R”

  1. Rvinyl.com says:

    Wow! The GTR is absolutely amazing but those headlights are sick! Why have I never seen those before. Where is FlyRyde based? I think I’m in love. Great work as always guys! Thanks and happy Friday!

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