A Look at the Wald International Black Bison Porsche Cayenne


Wald International is teasing us this time with their new Black Bison kit for the Porsche Cayenne. These unique Black Bison Edition cars have been a big hit for the tuning firm and we are always anxious to see what’s been released when a Wald email pops up in our inbox. What we have here is the sculpting process of making the body kit, which will then be transferred to the molding phase to be put into productions. From we can see, a new aggressive front bumper with LED daytime running lights is the current focus, while wider wheel arches, side skirts, vents for the hood and spoilers will be installed as well.

While the interior has been left to our imagination, we do know some alloy wheels and exhaust tips will round out the exterior styling. Stay tuned for more Wald International tuning projects and check out more of their Black Bison line of cars and SUV’s to get an idea of what this Porsche Cayenne will turn out to be.



Wald International Black Bison Porsche Cayenne

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