Anibal Automotive Design Porsche 911 Attack

Anibal Automotive Design Porsche 911

Anibal Automotive Design has released these teaser photos and video for the Porsche 911 seventh generation models also known as the 991. This “Attack” package is said to be in the final development stage and features a very aggressive body kit. It consists of wider front and rear fenders, side skirts, bumpers, air scoops and multiple vents. A carbon fiber hood, new rear engine lid and large rear wing completely transform the exterior styling and make it look race-worthy. Performance upgrades for the Porsche 911 tuning project were not announced, so this appears to strictly be a styling upgrade.

Anibal Automotive Design Porsche 911

Anibal Porsche 911 Video

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  1. raje says:

    oh what an amazing design.This is the car i have ever seen

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