Cam Shaft BMW M3 Coupe Wrapped Up

Cam Shaft BMW M3 Wrapped Up

The German car tuners at Cam Shaft have completed a new project based on the BMW M3 Coupe. Since the company specializes in car wraps, they spread a new matte space-gray metallic foil over the sports car. Pricing for this modification is €1,785 or US$2,230 for the body and an additional €715 or US$890 to wrap other visible sections such as the door and cabin area. However, before the wrapping took place, Cam Shaft hooked up the BMW M3 with several aftermarket parts.

New BMW aero parts from Racing Dynamics include a front bumper with central air vent along with larger side air vents. The side skirts came from Hamann Motorsport, while brand new 19-inch BBS alloy rims wrapped in high performance tires were installed on all fours. The rubber measure 245/35ZR19 up front and 265/35ZR19 at the rear for superb traction.

Final performance tweaks consist of a new Akrapovic stainless steel exhaust unit, 100 cell catalytic converters and a sport suspension to lower the car and improving handling. Inside the modified BMW M3 are many Hartge carbon fiber accessories including new trim throughout and aluminum pedals to boot.

Cam Shaft BMW M3 Wrapped Up

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  1. Ζάντες says:

    Looks amazing, Cam Shaft make their own vinyl wrap or they buy it in? Also, is there a link to their site?

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