AMS Nissan GTR Breaks Record With 8.63 1/4 Mile

AMS Nissan GTR Alpha Omega

The tuners at AMS definitely know what their doing when it comes to the Nissan GTR. In October at the Texas Mile event, they were able to set a new top speed record with the Nissan GTR Alpha 12 package by hitting 216.9 miles per hour. With their most recently tuned R35 GTR as seen in the videos below, this amazing sports car was able to accomplish a 8.6263 quarter mile time at 173.8 mph. Calling it the Alpha Omega GT-R, this kit pulled 1,602 AWHP with 1,152 lb-ft of torque on the dyno. Check out the Nissan GTR in action below.

Nissan GTR Alpha Omega Video

Nissan GTR Texas Mile Top Speed Video

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