Nissan Super Juke Tuning Project Coming Soon

Nissan Super Juke Tuning Project

We never saw this one coming, but with all the positive results of the Nissan Juke sales, Nissan has announced plans of a Super Juke. It is rumored to hold a 480 horsepower engine, which would most likely be the same 3.8-liter twin turbo V6 found in the Nissan GTR. If so, this slightly de-tuned Super Juke will still blow the tops off of any regular Nissan Juke tuning projects. Just check out the official sketch that hit the web this past week, showing a Nissan Juke sporting a new wide body kit, Nissan GT-R style alloy wheels, hood vents similar to the GT-R, and a rear wing.

This was a Jalopnik exclusive announcement, and the Nissan spokesperson Gabi Whitfield said, “I can confirm there is a project driven by Nissan Europe to create a Super Juke.” Now lets just wait and see if the original renderings of the Nissan Juke tuning will compare with the actual factory model released by Nissan.

[Source: jalopnik]

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  1. Ade Dasa says:

    I like Nissan Juke, but until now have not had it and wanted to test drive first before to have an

  2. FranK says:

    Very nice !
    see also our armrest for Juke.
    greetings all

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