Design-World Ford Mustang GT

Design-World Ford Mustang GT

German tuning firm Design-World (Marko Mennekes) has released a brand new package for the American Ford Mustang GT. It started off as a completely black Ford Mustang GT, then the tuners decided to add metallic orange CFC films along with white and black to make it extremely unique. New body parts for the Mustang GT include front and rear bumpers, side skirts, rear diffuser, and a stylish front grille. Performance tuning came next.

Under the hood of the Ford Mustang GT, you will find a 5.0-liter V8 that received a new air filter, air box, and ECU reprogramming. While these are only subtle modifications, the power increase was decent from the factory 412 PS (303 kW/406 bhp) to 435 PS (320 kW/429 bhp). New alloy wheels measuring 20-inches were fitted on all fours, and they come wrapped in high performance tires. Final tuning for the handling include the H&R coilover suspension kit installed on the Design-World Ford Mustang GT.

Ford Mustang GT Photos

Design-World Ford Mustang GT Final Specifications

435 PS (320 kW/429 bhp)

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