MRS Porsche GT3 R

MRS Porsche GT3 R

The car tuning and racing specialists at Molitor Racing Systems have released this new performance kit for the Porsche GT3 R. This final product pictured above is set to race in the ADAC GT Masters at the Red Bull Ring this upcoming weekend. Two previous MRS drivers, Norbert Siedler and Christian Engelhart will be controlling the car throughout the race. There will be some stiff competition out there, and many drivers will need to push the limits if they want a top spot on the podium. Runs will occur on both Saturday and Sunday before the winners are announced. Now lets see what modifications this Porsche GT3 R received.

On the exterior you will find a matte blue foil wrap, protecting the original paint while giving it a unique cool blue look. New ultralight alloy wheels were installed on all fours, and they come wrapped in high performance Michelin slicks. At the rear is a new spoiler for extra downforce, and stiffening up the sports car is a custom roll-cage welded in while enhancing the safety as well. Under the hood, MRS optimized the Porsche GT3 R engine with their professional car tuning modifications. Stay tuned for more Molitor Racing Systems projects and be sure to check if the Porsche GT3 R was a finalist at the ADAC GT Masters.

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