Extreme Audi Tuning

Extreme Audi Tunning

Extreme Audi Tunning

Here is some extreme tuning performed on the Audi TT model, which looks awfully similar to the car in iRobot starring Will Smith. The smooth and curvy appeal of this car gives the impression of improved aerodynamics, however the drag coefficient of the body is relatively high at 0.35. It shows a front end similar to the Bugatti Veyron, while the wheel wells have been covered to match the iRobot movie car almost perfectly. This is definitely one of the most unique tuning jobs I’ve seen on any Audi car, who are now competing with some of the best on the automotive market, mainly BMW and Mercedes.

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2 Responses to “Extreme Audi Tuning”

  1. pitlan says:

    poor Audi TT, this is ugly…

  2. walter says:


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