Koenigseder Nissan GTR

Koenigseder Nissan GTR

Koenigseder Nissan GTR

The prestigious Austria-based tuning company Koenigseder has released a new kit for the Nissan GTR. Back in 2007, Nissan launched the highly anticipated Godzilla GT-R with a twin-turbo engine producing 480 horsepower. Since then, tuners have raised the standards and half of them have nearly doubled the performance figures. The Nissan GTR has received all the hype it deserves so far, and Koenigseder decided to add their touch to what can be considered the sports car of the decade in terms of price and performance. First, the tuning firm painted the exterior in their favorite bright orange color, which is common to see with the other projects they take on. Next was the all new Nissan GTR aerodynamic kit with a moderate design.

The Koenigseder package for the GT-R consists of a new front bumper with additional air intakes, side skirts with similar intakes, and a diffuser for the rear bumper. Additional modifications to the exterior include aftermarket 21-inch rims in a two-tone black and orange color finish. Regarding the technical improvements, Koenigseder hooked up the Nissan GTR with a new air filter, Akrapovic titanium exhaust system, and a remapping of the ECU. The results?

These customizations give the Godzilla Nissan an additional 100 hp to boost its final number to 580 hp. At the track it is able to reach 200 km/h (124 mph) in just 9.8 seconds, however to handle this amount of power a new suspension upgrade was necessary. The Nissan GTR was fitted with a KW suspension kit from Koenigseder, and a last minute tweak to the car includes the aftermarket wheels wrapped in high performance Yokohama Advan Sport tires.


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  2. thais chammas says:

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  3. sara khan says:

    nice concept

  4. drift king says:

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  5. I really do love the Nissan GTR, I think it is the best expensive car available for the money. I don’t like this kit though it does not look natural on the car

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