Gold Bentley Hummer H2

Gold Bentley Hummer H2

Gold Bentley Hummer H2

Only in Dubai will you see a monstrosity like this gold covered Hummer H2 with a front end resembling a Bentley. We’ve seen some ridiculous modifications to cars and trucks, but this one has to top them all with the interior alone. Inside you will find a pink and wood theme with lighting in the roof that looks like it came from a house! The 24-inch or larger rims are the only normal looking aftermarket part on this car, however even those have an orange or gold background to match the truck. Although it does look goldish in color, it doesn’t come close to the gold wrapped Audi R8 that shouts bling bling if you ask me.

[Source: carzi]

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5 Responses to “Gold Bentley Hummer H2”

  1. usa_dxb says:

    Dude!!! that’s not in Dubai, you can’t even put a sticker or modify your car in any way coz if you do so you will be fined a minimum of $200 & for God sake the pic above is in Saudi Arabia !!!!

  2. Greg says:

    haha I guess you’ve never seen the cars in dubai..they do the craziest stuff over there

  3. thais chammas says:

    ola esse veiculo é otimo mais não ganha do meu porche mais parabenizo o propietario pois é uma pessoa de sorte

  4. tony says:

    how much it goes

  5. Chand TG says:

    Yeah Man this Hummer is in Saudi Arabia,I have seen it.

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