HKS Honda CR-Z hybrid sports car?

HKS Honda CR-Z hybrid sports car

HKS Honda CR-Z hybrid sports car

The Honda CR-Z is not your typical sports car, but holding hybrid capabilities and the structure to be easily modified makes this the perfect tuning project for the world renowned HKS company. When it comes down to performance figures, the Honda CR-Z isn’t all that impressive, but HKS is now in the limelight for its top spec performance kits. They previously released the GT570 package for the Nissan GT-R, and now offer several tuner parts for the Honda hybrid. First, comes the Hypermax II suspension system, allowing the driver to adjust the ride height depending on the conditions to improve handling. This drops the car up to 37 mm, while HKS focused on the 1.5-liter petrol engine to produce more power.

Next, was the installation of a new air intake and sport muffler to allow the engine to breathe easier. An ECU tuning upgrade remaps the unit to complete the performance program, while giving the Honda CR-Z a slight boost.  From the factory, the stock CRZ develops 122 hp, however HKS has yet to release their performance gains, but I’d say the extra air, deep sound, and re-calibrated engine control unit will yield around 10 extra horsepower. HKS also removed the speed limiter on the Honda, that previously let customers max out at 112 mph, so now they should be good to around 130 mph. It’s been interesting to see these tuning companies customizing hybrid cars lately, but it is the new movement and we should see plenty more in the future.


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