Project Kahn Land Rover Freelander RS200

Project Kahn Land Rover Freelander RS200

Project Kahn Land Rover Freelander RS600

The Freelander RS200, Project Kahn’s latest tuning project inspired by the Land Rover Sport RS600, speaks for itself. With a complete visual makeover, these tuning specialists have focused on a more aggressive appearance. With a sleek matte black bonnet stripe, front bumper vents, body colored style vents, side sills, front grille surround, and door mirror caps, their Range Rover made Freelander RS200 is definitely an eye turner. It was also upgraded with massive 20-inch alloy wheels that come wrapped in high performance tires.

As far as the interior goes, Project Kahn has done quite an impressive job. They upgraded their Land Rover Freelander RS200 with quilted leather seats and white seam accents on the doors, steering wheel, and seats. But they didn’t stop there, Project Kahn continued with red and white illuminated gauges to push their version over the top. Project Kahn’s Freelander RS200 is priced at £26,995 (about $39,300 US), while these tuning experts will give you the whole package, upgrades and all.

[Source: carscoop]

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4 Responses to “Project Kahn Land Rover Freelander RS200”

  1. thais chammas says:

    a fe-da land rover ´é otima eu possu uma que comprei modelo 2010 .mais ja possui um range rover 2009 que vendi para o empresario fernando .mais sou fiz por acostumei a troca de carro a cada ano que passa pois demos que revornar e adiquiri novas maquinas que tenha mais tecnologia que possa passar dos 250 km por hora carro pra mim tem que ser assim .

  2. thais chammas says:

    com cetteza vai ser um otimo carro vou adiquiri um 3 modelos da lander rover.

  3. ludvig from sweden says:

    Nice Car!

  4. Land Rover, continues to be the nations favorite SUV with its combination of car-like dynamics and smart styling explaining their popularity. Good Job!

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