Vorsteiner Mercedes E-Class E63 AMG V6E styling kit

Vorsteiner Mercedes E63 AMG V6E styling kit

Vorsteiner Mercedes E63 AMG V6E styling kit

Hold onto your seats, Vorsteiner has recently launched a new aero kit for the Mercedes E63 AMG called the V6E kit. Featuring many aesthetically pleasing carbon fiber parts, the styling package includes a new front lip spoiler, trunk spoiler, and rear diffuser. Also part of the kit are Vorsteiner’s forged V-308 rims wrapped in high performance tires. The tuning company claims that these are the most concave wheels on the market to fit the Mercedes sports car, but I beg to differ. There are so many competing wheel companies out there, and I have seen China imitation wheels on eBay with more concave than these. They are still great wheels from Vorsteiner though, and the stance looks impressive for the Mercedes E-Class.

Sure, it may not be as stunning as the Vorsteiner GTRS3 that they put out last month, but the Mercedes V6E styling kit will still appeal to those with a different taste. You can tell the tuners tried to attract the younger market of late teens to early twenties with this styling. However, I doubt there are many who can afford this car. But their mission was accomplished, because I wouldn’t mind having this Mercedes E63 AMG in my driveway.

[Source: carscoop]

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