Miss Tuning 2010 Car Babe Finalists

Miss Tuning Car Babes

Miss Tuning Car Babes

Here are the twenty car babe finalists of the Miss Tuning 2010 competition. Twenty gorgeous gals made the cut from a whopping 500 who entered. We now have the car girls pictures for you to enjoy. These ladies will take the stage at the 2010 Tuning World Bodensee starting May 13th where the winner will be determined. Not everyday do you get to see hot car girls, but these are some of the finest show girls that have been on the car show scene for a while. So, who’s your favorite?

[Source: gtspirit]

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4 Responses to “Miss Tuning 2010 Car Babe Finalists”

  1. Car Games says:

    Wow, she’s hot…and whatever car she’s on, she’ll make it hot. I don’t even care if she’s on my gramppa’s car lol

    Grats to her.

  2. Mojtaba says:

    wow she is very gooood but i cant see any car !!

  3. Huscar says:

    ( wow girls very sexy ) but i cant see any girlssssss. KiSs.ByE

  4. Mojtaba Bauer says:

    Oh My God. she has been very attractive. kiss all girls.bye

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