VITT Mercedes SL

VITT Mercedes SL

VITT Mercedes SL

The Japanese tuning firm VITT has released their all new wide body kit for the Mercedes SL to make it even more aggressive. Mercedes-Benz launched a special edition Mercedes SL AMG Black Series a while back, and this new package from VITT might be the solution for those who couldn’t get the factory parts. The car looks like something you would see from a Fast and Furious movie series, being extremely close to the ground and sporting cheap decals on the side. VITT offers other body kits for the Mercedes Benz SL, while this one was premiered at the Nagoya Auto Trend.

Included in this Mercedes SL kit is a full front bumper replacement, wide front fenders, wider rear quarter panels, and a redesigned rear bumper. A carbon fiber wing was also added, which is just as angular as the rest of the package. For those interested in the widebody kit for the Mercedes, check out the package for 2,205,000 yen at VITT.

[Source: jonsibal via carsroute]

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2 Responses to “VITT Mercedes SL”

  1. Allyn says:

    Is this bodykit avalible. I really want to know. Thanks.

  2. Greg says:

    The VITT kit should be available from them. I’d try Google searching the company to get a contact number

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