Insuring A Performance Car



If you own a modified or a performance car, you’ll know just how much fun they are to drive. The speed, look and mechanical finesse of these vehicles is spectacular, and driving or being a passenger in them is an experience like no other. Of course, if you do own a tuned car you’ll also know just how expensive insurance can be – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do as much as you can in order to keep those premiums down. There are a number of different things you can do in order to keep your premiums as low as possible. For one, many providers offer specialist performance car insurance that can save you money, and believe it or not, there are people that swear by the providers in the classified sections of the back of motoring magazines.

You should also remember that insurance providers have two definitions of what constitutes a ‘performance’ car. One definition covers things like Porsche’s and other sports cars; which are recognized as being performance vehicles straight out of the factory, and vehicles which are modified or tuned at home or by tuning companies. Insurance companies don’t like this sort of performance car as a rule, as there is no way to ascertain the quality of the work, and statistically modified cars have more accidents – insurance companies love statistics.

If you are modifying your car, however – and the fact that you’re on this site indicates that you probably are – you should carefully consider what work you have done. Some providers, for example, consider lowered suspension to be dangerous as it can affect the vehicle’s handling – check with your provider what they are likely to charge for modifications done before you do them where possible.

There is one way around expensive insurance, however – simply not paying any, although the reasons why this is a bad idea are too numerous to list, and most of them end in jail time. Don’t be tempted to keep quiet about your modifications either: should you have a crash and your provider discovers them, you stand a very good chance of being charged for driving without car insurance.

And finally, there are some things you can do about yourself to keep those premiums down. Advanced driver’s courses can cut the cost of your premiums, as can cutting the number of miles you do, or making sure you have a long no claims history and clean license.

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