Tanner Foust drifting his Scion TC

Tanner Foust Scion TC

Tanner Foust Scion TC

Do you remember the Ken Block videos drifting his Subaru STi for DC Shoes, and recently acquiring a new Ford Fiesta for the snow drift scene? Well now there is a new competitor on the block, Tanner Foust, in his race built Scion TC. Why they chose a Scion TC for the drift track? Beats me, but it does look good from the exterior, and is definitely spewing out clouds of smoke from the rear wheels. At least it’s not a boxy Scion xB or tiny Scion xA. Right now we just have a teaser video, however a ton of pictures from AutoBlog. They recently announced a new drift series coming in March, which will feature prospect Tanner Foust and his Scion TC taking on the dangerous road, Mulholland Drive in California.

Tanner Foust Scion TCTanner Foust Scion TC 2Tanner Foust Scion TC 3

Tanner Foust Scion TC 4Tanner Foust Scion TC 5Tanner Foust Scion TC 6

Tanner Foust Scion TC 7Tanner Foust Scion TC 8Tanner Foust Scion TC 9

Tanner Foust Scion TC 10Tanner Foust Scion TC 11Tanner Foust Scion TC 12

[Source: autoblog]

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