Shelby Ford Mustang GT350

Shelby Ford Mustang GT350

Shelby Ford Mustang GT350

Recently Shelby motor sports unveiled their latest supercharged concept for the all new 2011 Ford Mustang GT350. This is the 45th anniversary edition of the first GT350, and the new Shelby Mustang is based off the 5.0-liter Ford Mustang GT. With this build, they aimed to create a car that was light, nimble, and powerful with the help from Ford Racing, Goodyear, Borla, Cragar, and Baer. All segments of this race car were modified to create the perfect sports car commemorating the GT350, which was discontinued in 1970.

Under the hood, the Ford engine received ECU tuning and tweaking for the superchargers to be able to produce 500 hp. The Mustang exterior received an all new styling kit with improved aerodynamics. Included in the package is a new front bumper, front splitter, hood with air scoops, side skirts, rear bumper, and deck lid filler panel.

Improving the handling are Cragar lightweight wheels wrapped in sticky Goodyear tires, and underneath are Baer high performance brakes. Each of the Mustang GT350 models will be finished in the traditional white with Shelby Guardsman blue Le Mans stripes. Custom GT350 badges will be placed inside and out of the Ford, and feature a limited edition Shelby serial number. Pricing for this complete package is $33,995, and this does not include the price of the car from the factory.

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3 Responses to “Shelby Ford Mustang GT350”

  1. Alex Harding says:

    this looks twice as sharp as the gt500, what ever there doing, I like it

  2. Ford Mustang says:

    I like the front treatment, but I was hoping that Shelby would change the Back Lights and bumper fascia from the up tilting rear bumper of the regular Ford Mustang.

  3. Sanju Singh says:

    Ford has managed add all the modern technology and curves to this car and yet maintain its truly classic charm. Wish I could own this beast one day!

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