Vivid Racing BMW 135i



The latest project from Vivid Racing has been completed on the BMW 135i which received several modifications to try and hang with their previous Porsche Twin-Turbo project. Not only does the car perform inside, but looking good on the exterior was also a requirement. Vivid Racing hooked it up with a new aero kit from iCarbon, featuring a new front lip, aggressive rear diffuser, mirror covers, and trunk lip spoiler all made of carbon fiber. Becoming even more popular in the tuning scene are car wraps to give the vehicles a unique look, while also protecting the paint. This BMW 135i was wrapped in a Battleship Gray car wrap that can be peeled off at any time. Vehicle wraps are an investment worth checking out because they can last up to 5 years, and are priced at a fraction of what it costs to paint a new high end car.

Moving to the engine bay, Vivid Racing installed a new Agency Power intercooler and a full Agency Power cat-less exhaust system. They had to test out the new Injen intake system that claimed it could increase the power by 13 hp and 15 ft lbs of torque. After installing the aftermarket intake, the numbers only jumped up 5 hp and 6 ft lbs of torque over the stock parts. However, the great fitment, quality, and sound from it satisfied Vivid Racing enough to keep it mounted on the BMW 135i. On the dyno the BMW produced 322 rwhp with 365 ft lbs of torque, and Vivid Racing plans to add a turbo upgrade very soon, so stay tuned!




[Source: vividracing]

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3 Responses to “Vivid Racing BMW 135i”

  1. Carz says:

    Whoa! This car looks super. I’m absolutely charmed by this BMW 135i…new added features and specs on this car is incredible.
    I wonder where I can get hold of this BMW car.

  2. Dylan S. says:

    This car looks like a toy compared to my custom 135i. There is so much more potential there to deal with than with what’s been done.

  3. Greg says:

    I think Vivid Racing did it right with this 135i, at least its not over the top like many of these tuning companies decide to do with their cars..

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