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It’s too bad the 2009 SEMA Show in Las Vegas has come to an end after only four short days, however more pictures of the beautiful car babes have surfaced on the web. This is our second installment of car girls, and here is the first article on the SEMA Show Car Girls. Not only are the car babes hot, but the cars at the SEMA Show are smoking! If only I could have been there, after looking at these pictures, it was an event that should not have been missed.






[Source: carzi]

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23 Responses to “SEMA Show Car Babes”

  1. Lea says:

    Wow sexy and pretty ladies! Lucky is the one who took that pictures. Good cars accompanied by stunning ladies..Just great!

  2. Carz says:

    Lucky ladies to be near great cars in this show. Very fortunate indeed, many would love to be in this SEMA show.

  3. skyyu says:

    WOWOWOWOWO.don’t you want a alone and rich women to make a appointment with you and do something you want to

  4. sunny says:

    sexy lady on the floor

  5. akhtar says:

    i love you your freind

  6. Nena Shylon says:

    Now that is something hot!!

  7. humayoun says:


  8. Donald Clifton says:

    Hi, it’s their pleasure.. why don’t they hire ugly girls with these dynamic cars :P


  9. yad says:

    love sweety hot babes

  10. Web says:

    Nice girls! No wonder girls go with cars!

  11. talal faden says:

    I can say nothing just great.

  12. Doug says:

    wow hot babes

  13. daniel says:


  14. Dr iPad says:

    This is amazing… I heard that there are some medical advantages to guys watching women’s big and enormous breasts…

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  17. Celebrity says:

    ops supurb if you wana to see more babe’s click my link

  18. Justinraj says:

    liked the photos and sexy cars

  19. Tig Welder says:

    Awesome pics, makes you want to attend every motor show out there LOL

  20. MuslimBlog says:

    Outstanding, Mind Blowing, I am confused about that what i am say you Excellent work. I always wait for your blog’s new Post Keep it up guy…

  21. […] Every year the Essen Motor Show is full of surprises whether it be the astounding modified cars, or the hot show car girls. No matter where you look while at the show, you will be sure to come across a finely tuned exotic with sexy car babes posing in front at some point. Even though it takes place in Europe, this gives us a look at what the European car girls have to offer when compared to the American SEMA Show Car Girls. Hopefully there will be more pictures of the beautiful women and cars to surface on the web, and once they do we’ll have them for you. In the meantime, be sure to check out the several other photos of the Show Car Babes. […]

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