How to Pick Up Women with Your New Fancy Car

Researchers from the University of Wales showed 120 women between the ages of 21-40 a picture of a guy behind the wheel of a shiny Bentley, and then inside of a battered Ford Fiesta.  It shouldn’t surprise anyone that most of the women rated the man’s personal attractiveness higher when he was seated inside the pricier car! And, according to another survey, luxury cars literally get pulses racing. A study tested women’s responses to the revving of engines of a luxury car and an everyday vehicle. The participants listened to the recordings of a Maserati and a Volkswagon Polo. The results showed 100% of female participants had a positive response to the rev of the Maserati and all had a negative reaction to the Volkswagen.

Although not a bonus when it comes to auto insurance premiums, having a nice car can be an added bonus when it comes to dating. Being able to afford a “sweet ride” is only the beginning. If you don’t want to come across as a pretentious insurance salesman who closes the most insurance leads each month, you need to present yourself in the right way.

Some people say that having a nice car might add some value to you as a “catch” or future husband, but it doesn’t push her in your direction if she otherwise wasn’t that interested in you.  So, the bottom line is that picking up women with your fancy car isn’t really any different than picking up women anyplace else.  Be kind. Be funny.  Be engaging and complimentary.  If she still doesn’t find you attractive or interesting, then that Ferrari she later discovers you have won’t suddenly spark attraction out of thin air but, if she does, it certainly won’t hurt!

The cliché of the un-hip guy in the hot car with the even hotter girl actually seems to be the rule rather than the exception and, while the argument can be made that you shouldn’t want a woman who only likes you for your car, you can make the reverse argument that maybe there are a lot of really good-hearted men who these women would never have met if it weren’t for their initial attraction to his car.  And, really, isn’t it something relatively superficial that often attracts women to men in the first place?  So, instead of great biceps or a winning smile, why not pick up a woman because of your car?

The truth is that men like to be seen in expensive cars and women like to be seen in expensive cars so men who drive expensive cars probably have a better chance of picking up a woman with their car than without it.  After all, driving a new fancy car allows you to pick up women in places where you and your car can be seen together.  Places that are “babe deserts” for guys who drive more understated cars, like gas stations and the body shop while waiting on your 3,000-mile tune-up. So, basically, once you’ve got the car, you don’t have to do much work. You just have to be in it as much as possible…and be sure to rev the engine!

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