RDX Racedesign VW Golf VI



The latest Volkswagen aerodynamic tuning kit for the VW Golf VI has been launched by RDX Racedesign, and the new package really customizes the Volkswagen. Only a few parts were needed to transform the VW Golf VI, and the kit includes a new front spoiler, headlight masks, side skirts, rear skirt, and a roof spoiler. RDX Racedesign offers a two year warranty for the aero kit, and the first 50 customers receive the package at a discounted price of 579 euros. All pieces of the kit are made from ABS and PU, and have been approved by the German Technical Control Board (TUV). Get yours today before they raise the price and modify your Volkswagen Golf VI.



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One Response to “RDX Racedesign VW Golf VI”

  1. Carz says:

    Impressive! This VW Golf looks great. I’d check on it asap…

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