Gemballa GT 550 Aero 3 Porsche Cayenne



Gemballa released their latest modifications for the Porsche Cayenne recently, dubbed the GT 550 Aero 3 Sport Design. The all new aerodynamic kit for the Porsche Cayenne includes a new front bumper, side skirts, redesigned rear bumper, roof spoiler, and a new front bonnet GT EVO. The rear view mirrors have turn signal indicators and the vehicle has an electronic lowering system installed. Gemballa added their 22 inch GT Sport-R wheels to the Cayenne, and removed the stock Porsche wheels. Underneath a complete performance exhaust system was hooked up to increase flow from the engine and boost the bi-turbo performance numbers.

Their tuning company didn’t like the factory seats, so they replaced them with SPC seats that look very comfortable. The black on black look for the exterior and interior looks sharp, and Gemballa even added an interior design kit for the Porsche Cayenne, which includes monitors in the headrests. After all the accessories added, the Gemballa GT 550 Aero 3 Porsche Cayenne boasts 550 horsepower through the bi-turbo setup.



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3 Responses to “Gemballa GT 550 Aero 3 Porsche Cayenne”

  1. Man that’s a deceptive looking car… i would never guess that the Gemballa GT 550 Aero 3 Porsche Cayenne boasts 550 hp… Looks sweet though…

  2. For a moment, I thought this was Wald’s package for the Land Cruiser. Such a resemblance.

  3. Carz says:

    I just love Porsche Cayenne! Mods done sounds interesting, great sporty look…

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