AC Schnitzer Mini Cooper R57 Convertible



The car tuning specialists from Germany, AC Schnitzer have customized the sleek Mini Cooper R57 Convertible and it turned out quite well. The tuning program created a complete body kit package including a new front spoiler, rear skirt, and decals to make it unique. Also adding to the exterior of the Mini Cooper R57 Convertible, are several wheel packages available to choose from to fit your look. Under the hood, the German tuners tweaked the computer to increase its horsepower from 175 to 208 hp. AC Schnitzer also tuned the suspension while adding aftermarket parts, and even adding a few accessories to the interior.

For the suspension, a height adjustable package was installed along with an aluminum strut bar for the front to reduce sway. A limited slip differential was another important part added and to top it all off, some interior pieces. AC Schnitzer offers a wide variety of interior parts and some include aluminum shift knobs, pedals, and velor floor mats.






[Source: AC Schnitzer]

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3 Responses to “AC Schnitzer Mini Cooper R57 Convertible”

  1. Carz says:

    It’s awesome! I’m not really into mini cooper but I’m impressed by the look of this AC Schnitzer Mini Cooper R57 Convertible. If I’d be buying one now, I’d choose the white design :)

  2. The Mini reminds me of the Nano. Could a Nano convertible make sense? I think it will..a low cost convertible and with such tuners playing around, giving it a pack or two..exciting!

  3. Carz says:

    haha i guess you’re right. A Nano convertible with great sounds, that’s something. I think many would take it seriously if that is the case.

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