Mcchip-Dkr Audi TTS



This sharp looking black on black Audi TTS has received a power boost from the car tuning company Mcchip-Dkr. From the factory, the standard TTS comes with a 2.0 liter engine capable of producing 272 horsepower. For a small two seat convertible that isn’t bad, however the German tuner Mcchip-Dkr believed that this was not enough and released a new tuning program for the Audi TTS. They were able to gain over 40hp from the stock engine by simply programming the ECU.

At 315 horsepower and 440 Nm of torque this TTS has impressive numbers for being an inexpensive kit. For only 850 euros anyone can have the software to program the ECU and receive these gains. If you have an extra 3840 euros you can add the wheel package which consists of a new set of 19 inch OZ alloy wheels wrapped in low profile 235/35R19 Continental “Sport Contact 3″ high performance tires.



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